Rasnov Citatel Transylvania Romania

Rasnov Citadel - Transylvania Romania

Rustic and well preserved, with a simple constructive style, Rasnov Citadel is located near Brasov City and not far from Bran Castle. This citadel is a landmark in Transylvania and is considered a national monument in Romania.

Rasnov Citadel was built during the rule of Teutonic Knight between 1211 and 1225.

On the top of a hill, the inhabitants of Rasnov decided to built a safety fortress. They used stones and bricks for building 5 metres high walls. In some parts of the citadel, walls have even 1.5 metres thickness. South, north and west faced walls are bordered by 150 m high slopes, very dangerous for climbing. Nine towers and two ante forts are protecting the citadel. Inside, more than 30 houses could offer shelter in case of invasion.

The first invasion (the first documented attestation) was by Tatar's in 1335 and the citadel successfully resisted. The first siege of the Ottoman Empire's troops was in 1421 and again the citadel remained unconquered.

The citadel was defeated only once in 1612, because the enemy found the secret path to citadel’s main water source (a spring).

To solve the problem of the water, there is a legend saying that during a siege 2 prisoners were forced to dig a fountain in the centre of the fortress. The fountain is 146 meters deep and the prisoners dug for 17 years.

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