Welcome to Transylvania - Romania

Castles, Palaces & Fortress

Bran Castle legendary home of Dracula, Corvin Castle one of Europe's most impressive castles, tremendous and luxurious Peles Castle, Fortified Churches of Transylvania - UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Rasnov Citadel built during the rule of Teutonic Knight between 1211 and 1225 ...

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Breathtaking Views - Carpathians

Carpathian Mountains a unique variety of breathtaking views landscapes, subterranean caves, volcanic lakes, spectacular gorges with height cliffs, stunning waterfalls, grasslands and forests with streams and rivers, vegetation and wildlife. Even if you are an adventurous...

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Cities to visit in Transylvania

In Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, or Brasov you will find captivating atmosphere, relaxation opportunities, unique architectural treasures, cultural activities or medieval history. If you want a magic moment, like stepping back 500 years, you really need to visit Sighisoara...

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romanian castles

Corvin Castle (Hunedoara Castle) (Photo by fusion-of-horizons at flickr.com, CC)

transylvania vampires

Dracula's Castle - Bran Castle (Photo by Dobre Cezar at wikipedia, CC)

romanian castles

Peles Castle
Photo - public domain pixabay.com

romanian mountains

Balea Lake & Transfagarasan Road (Photo by Ana Zecheru at ro.wikipedia, CC)

sighisoara romania

Best cities in Transylvania (Photo by Andrew Colin at flickr.com, CC)


Râșnov Citadel (Fortresses) (Photo by Neighbor's goat at wikipedia, CC)

Many of you might imagine that Transylvania is a fiction or a dark place haunted by bloodthirsty vampires.
Transylvania is more then a fantasy, it is a real place, it is one of the most amazing natural places in Europe, a historical region with a multicultural heritage in the central part of Romania. Definitely it is one of the most interesting places to visit in Europe. The Carpathian Mountains form a semi-circle around Transylvania, offering us stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. Height cliffs, green hills, meadows with flowers, sparkling rivers or fascinating waterfalls are part of your captivating experience.

From lively cities with startling baroque architecture to medieval towns and picturesque old villages where people live as they did a hundred years ago, Transylvania is home of 100 castles and fortresses and about 70 fortified churches.

In Transylvania you may also find spa resorts with therapeutic, mineral and salty waters - treatments can be made here for mobility disorders, cardiovascular diseases, dermatological afflictions or at Bear Lake you can even treat women infertility this is the only “helio-thermal” lake in Europe. In Transylvania is located the "Most Beautiful Underground Place in the World" - Turda Salt Mine (A Powerful Healing Detoxifier place).

So ... What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and come to discover some of the most wonderful places in the world - The Amazing Beauties of Transylvania! - Don't forget the garlic!