Castles in Transylvania Romanian Castles

Transylvania's Castles

A castle is not just something you can see in movies and hear about in stories, they are real and in Europe you can discover History with your own eyes.

Home of more than 100 castles and fortresses, Transylvania has something to offer even for the most fastidious tourist.

Some Romanian Castles and Fortress are really famous in Europe and Transylvania's Castles are part of this: Bran Castle - legendary home of Dracula, Corvin Castle one of Europe's most impressive castles, tremendous and luxurious Peles Castle, Fortified Churches of Transylvania (UNESCO World Heritage Sites), Rasnov Citadel built during the rule of Teutonic Knight between 1211 and 1225 ... and many others that will help you discover the past and wonder how did people managed back then.

Fancy to travel back in time and imagine you are a princess or a knight? Wait no more, inform yourself in next pages and pick the one you want to visit, or … why not all?

Peles Castle romanian castles

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