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Romanian Mountains - Bucegi Mountains

This is the holy mountain of the Dacian Kingdom, where God Zalmoxis made his home.

The Bucegi Mountains stretch across Transylvania and Wallachia. This mountain plateau is grouped in three spectacular ranges: Bucegi, Leaota and Piatra Craiului.

A long time ago the Bran Pass that separates Leaota and Piatra Craiului mountains served as a border crossings between Transylvania and Wallachia and was defended by the Bran Castle. On the other side Bucegi Mountains are bordered by Prahova Valley. In this area you will find the most popular ski resorts in Romania, along with Sinaia the "Pearl of the Carpathians".

Mother nature turned rocks into spectacular shapes such as the Romanian Sphinx, a rock with the figure of a human face, and a set of gigantic mushroom type stones, nicknamed Babele (Old Ladies).

Either taking the cable car or when hiking up to the top of the mountains you will be amazed by stunning views from everywhere.

If you want to climb, you really need to try Piatra Craiului Mountains. Here you get the pure adrenaline: big walls, narrow ridges, gorges, canyons and steep valleys. There are some unique limestone arches here, called “La Zaplaz”, “Deubel Holes” and the greatest “Cerdacul Stanciului”.


Photo by Zátonyi Sándor, CC BY 3.0, Wikimedia