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Transylvanian Mountains - Apuseni Mountains

Also known as Green Mountains or cavers paradise, Apuseni Montain chain is an amazing mountain plateau in north-western part of Transylvania. Here, rivers have created spectacular canyons and stunning caves.

One of the most impressive monuments of nature - Scarisoara Glacier (Ice Cave) is located in this Transylvanian Mountains. This is the second largest underground glacier in Europe. In the Apuseni Mountains you may find about 1500 caves.

By the side of Scarisoara Ice Cave there are some famous caves that you can visit: The Bear’s Cave, Vartop Ice Caves, The Living Fire Cave (Focul Viu) or Topolnita Cave (visit it by boat). Another spectacular area is the Fortresses of Ponor (Cetatile Ponorului), with its rugged lime formations this area became a natural monument and reservation.

Exploring this parts of the Carpathians you will be fascinated by green meadows full of wildflowers, romantic waterfalls, awesome lakes, breathtaking gorges or steep rock walls.

Aries River dominates the central part of Apuseni Mountains. The upper part of the river is called The Land of Moti. You will be fascinated by the timeless mountain villages where many century-old traditions are still in use because here people are living in relative isolation.